How to Make Easy Money Selling Tradelines

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How to Make Easy Money Selling Tradelines

Watch your profits grow as you sell tradelines.

Selling tradelines has been written about on several reputable websites referring to it as a “$1,000 per hour side gig,” but is this true?

Technically, the answer is yes, but let us explain further. Keep reading this article to find out how to make money selling tradelines.

Key Takeaways:

  • People make money by selling their authorized user tradelines. While you may not reach earning $1,000 per hour, you may earn a side income.
  • There are some risks that come with selling tradelines, such as potentially getting your account shut down if you add to many authorized users
  • You could earn money by selling authorized user credit card placements. To get a quote for selling your tradelines, use the tradelines credit partners page.

The Authorized User Tradeline Strategy

Do you remember hearing this old advice? “When your kids become young adults, add them to your credit cards as an authorized user to give them a head start on their credit.”

This credit-building strategy actually works, and now there is a way to get paid by doing the same thing for other people looking to build their credit profiles. Keep reading to find out how this works and why some people are earning thousands of dollars by selling their authorized user (AU) tradelines.

Is Selling Tradelines Really a $1,000 per Hour Side Gig?

Earn money in minutes by selling authorized user tradelines on your credit cards.

You can earn money in minutes by selling authorized user tradelines on your credit cards.

At Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, commissions generally range from around $50 – $350 per AU spot sold. The older the credit card is and the higher the credit limit, the higher the commission will be.

The AUs only stay on the tradeline for two months in most cases, so there is relatively frequent turnover. On average, we usually allow our credit partners to sell two AU spots per credit card every two months.

The reason this works out to a four-digit hourly wage is really due to how little time it takes to work this gig.

Once you get familiar with adding and removing AUs from your accounts, you might be able to add someone in one minute and remove someone in 30 seconds since that often only requires a click of a mouse. A couple of banks allow you to add an AU online and then require you to call them to get the AU removed.

This said, let’s just assume on average adding an AU takes two minutes and removing an AU takes two minutes. An average commission is around $150 per spot. If you do the math, earning $150 in four minutes of work comes out to an hourly wage of approximately $2,250 per hour. On the higher end of the commission range, a $350 commission works out to be approximately $5,250 per hour based on time worked.

Watch your profits grow as you sell tradelines.

Watch your profits grow as you sell tradelines.

Obviously, the $1,000 per hour rate is not a true measure of how much you can expect to earn. A $1,000 per hour full-time job would earn someone over $2 million per year.

We are not saying you can make that much money, but if you calculate how much money you earn versus time spent, the numbers are in fact very impressive.

Perhaps a more realistic way to assess this opportunity is to look at how much time would be required to earn $10,000 selling tradelines in a year.

The people who earn over $10,000 per year usually have higher-paying cards, so their average commission would be closer to $250 per spot. To make $10,000, this person would have to sell 40 spots per year. With an average of four minutes of work per deal, this person would have spent approximately 2.67 hours of work to earn $10,000, which works out to around $3,750 per hour.

Are There Risks to Selling Tradelines?

Tradeline Account Security

Although the authorized user never receives any information about the credit partner, you can always add additional security measures to your account for peace of mind.

Yes, there are some risks to selling tradelines. The main risk is the possibility of getting your credit card shut down. We estimate a 1-5% chance of getting your card closed depending on the bank and the number of authorized user (AU) spots you sell during a given period of time.

The good news is that you have control over how many AU spots you sell. If you have been consistently selling your AU spots out every cycle, you can always choose to pause your account between sales and give your cards a rest.

The key here is to avoid adding and removing too many AUs too quickly. You want your accounts to stay open so that you can stay in this game for the long haul.

The most common questions that most people immediately ask are “Is this even legal?”, “Can this affect my credit?”, and “What if the authorized user spends a bunch of money on my card?” The answers are yes, selling tradelines is legal; no, the authorized user will not affect the credit partner’s credit; and no, the authorized user cannot spend any money on your account.

The credit card companies will only send the AU card to the primary account holder’s address and the AU does not receive any information about the credit partner or their account whatsoever. Additionally, most banks offer extra security features such as account activity alerts, instant account freezes, and multi-factor authentication.

Why Isn’t Everyone Selling Tradelines?

How to Make Easy Money Selling Tradelines Pinterest graphic

The business of selling tradelines has remained sort of “underground” for many years. The knowledge of this option has largely relied on word of mouth through certain niche personal finance communities.

It takes a very unique type of individual who has built great credit, has multiple excellent lines of credit, and is willing to share that credit for money. This trifecta of qualities is extremely rare, so it does not make financial sense to broadcast this opportunity to the general public when the target demographic is so small.

This unique dynamic might explain why you may not have heard about this kind of financial opportunity until now.

How Do I Get Started Selling My Tradelines?

Getting started selling tradelines is easy. Just visit our website and enter your information into the box to instantly receive our current commission schedule and instructions with the next steps.

If you would like to do further research on selling tradelines, can read our article, “Selling Tradelines: How to Choose the Best Tradeline Company” and our Credit Partner FAQs.

To speak with a live person from our team regarding our credit partner program, feel free to give us a call at 619-255-9588.


Tradeline Supply Company, LLC
Tradeline Supply Company, LLC
House copywriter at Tradeline Supply Company with articles about personal finance, credit repair, credit cards, and credit score information.


  1. ANGELA NELSON says:


  2. Matthew Lutz says:

    What is the average time before someone purchases an AU spot? At this point, I’m thinking it’s unrealistic to think going to be selling two spots on each of my cards every two months. In fact, it seems likely I might be waiting around for months before I even sell one. Still, it doesn’t cost me anything so I’m going to stick with it.

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      The average time before someone purchases an AU spot depends on the desirability of the tradeline. You are correct though, that it is basically impossible for a card to be sold out 100% of the time, due to the fact that after an AU is removed we have to put the card back on the market to resell it. You definitely won’t be waiting around for months though, we have a very high demand and I would expect your first sale within the first couple weeks. If you ever go more than a month without a sale reach out to us and we will make adjustments to keep your sales volume high.


  3. Frank Fingers says:

    I have a few questions and want to know more about this. Is it risky? Can people run my credit card up and me be responsible for paying? Can my credit be affected? Is it possible to make good money? And last how does nobody know about this if it is so easy to make money?

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      The biggest risk is the potential of your credit card being closed. This is rare, and we have measures in place to prevent it, but if losing a credit card to account closure would be devastating to you then do not enroll that card to sell tradelines on. The authorized users do not have any access to your account and therefore cannot use your credit card or affect your credit. Your earning potential is based on the age and credit limits of your cards, but with the little amount of time it takes to add an AU (about 1 minute) it’s extremely good money. The industry has only been around for about 10 years, and there hasn’t ever been a tradeline company large enough to spread public awareness, but we are working on that daily.

  4. Maurice $$ says:

    How money do you have to have to buy a trade line. I have about $500.00 to actually flip. Help to truly understand. Because I will like to invest. I heard from a friend to check the website out. I’ve never seen no one do it so it’s really risky for me to be a first time user.

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      Tradelines range in price from $150-$1,500. Full pricing is here: I would recommend reading some of our other articles in the resources section and if you still have questions give us a call M-F 7am-7pm and we can help see if tradelines are a good fit for you.

      • Maurice says:

        If you all are able to rent out my trade-lines for $1,500 and rent mine out for $250 maximum, seem like there need to be a. It more consideration. I have a few cards and family with a bunch more. Can you be a bit more reasonable with your payouts to the credit card owners? Or at least with me and mine lol. We can do business asap!

    • Larric says:

      Did you figure it out?

  5. denisesealey says:

    If I buy a trade line do I get access to the card also. Do I get a card to use if needed

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      No. The tradeline simply appears on your credit report.

    • TAMMYSCHNURR says:


  6. Denise says:

    If I buy a trade line and pay 225 for 7500 limit that’s 2 years old does it mean the persons limit is 7500

  7. Aaron Vance says:

    Is there a cost to get started ? should it not be, how do one get started ?

  8. Jose Arteaga says:

    If I buy a Tradeline. Do y’all add it to my credit ?

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      Not exactly. When you buy a tradeline the bank reports it to the credit bureaus and it will reflect on your credit reports as an authorized user account.

  9. Emmanuel Johnson says:

    I want to sell my tradelines

  10. Brian Corey says:


  11. Danny Lowery says:

    Whais the difference between an authorized user and a primary user? Can you add a primary user?

  12. Jeff Jordan says:

    Would I have to unfreeze my credit reports to add authorized users or to sell tradelines?

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      Yes, a credit freeze can prevent tradelines from posting properly and there would be no refund given if this were the cause of a non-posting.

  13. Joshua says:

    Interested in hiring someone to add teadelines

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      We would be happy to help you out, please give us a call at 619-255-9588.

      Also, for your protection we cannot approve your other blog comment because you put personal details in it and if we approve it you will get solicitors contacting you.

  14. amccullough1021 says:

    I’m apart of an mortgage company. And I want to be in position to offer this to my clients to boost their scores for a better rate!

  15. Lynda Green says:

    I just recently added my daughter on my account as an AU, can I still sell tradelines?

  16. Tradeline Seller says:

    how often do you recommend giving cards a rest? Or put another way, how many AUs is too many in a given time period?

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      We limit the number of AU spots that can be sold at once on each tradeline based on our statistics. Credit partners can also pause their tradelines if desired. Please email if you have additional questions about our credit partner program. Thank you!

  17. Matthew C Hieger says:

    As the primary selling the trade line do I have to use my cards to help the buyer? Or does they’re credit go up based on my credit score?

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      I am not sure that I understand the question being asked, but hopefully this can help:

      We do not guarantee anything related to credit scores. We simply get the tradeline to appear on the AU’s credit report for two reporting cycles. The AU does not receive a card.

      We ask our credit partners to spend a small amount on their tradelines each month in order to ensure that the tradelines are actively being reported to the credit bureaus.

      If you have additional questions about our credit partner program, please email Thank you!

  18. Antonio says:

    I already bought a cpn about 5 years ago but when we were laid off work my credit went sour should i get another cpn and star over with tradlines ?

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      We only sell tradelines for your valid SSN. We do not work with CPNs because they are illegal to use. You might want to read our article about them: What Is a CPN?

  19. Vlad says:

    What is the recommended pause time in between cycles of selling you AU spots

  20. Suzanne McConaghy says:

    How are the tradeline suppliers get paid? Direct Deposit to a bank account?

  21. John Klahn says:

    Will this work with 1st Tech Federal Credit Union Visa/MC credit cards? Thanks!

  22. Tippin201s says:

    What is all required to become a partner. As in what info do I need to present?

  23. GBNOSEK says:

    If you buy a tradeline after 2 months does the tradeline come off your credit report

  24. Richard Sorrentino says:

    Hello, My name is Rich. I have worked with other tradeline companies in the past and just feel i havent been getting the clients i use to get and would like to use a different company. I wanted to know how much would i be able to get if i did these cards each month? I want to get started right away. I just want to make sure the payouts are monthly and what i am looking at per au added thank you.

  25. celphelia Curry says:

    Can you add one of your tradelines to a cpn number?

  26. Terence Scott says:

    Will the list of acceptable cards in the program ever expand to other creditors? Also, is there a way to get a list of updated cards/commissions? I already have an account setup.

  27. nikolay says:

    this is great! wish i learned about this 10 years ago… anyhow, the only issue that i have so far – is a few collections and chargeoffs, but they are almost all older than 2 years.. can i still be added to someone’s card as an AU? Thanks
    PS: tip to new customers like me: get the card, which is OVER 10 years old. It can be as low as 7, but never get anything that is below 7 years old, not worth it:)

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      If you have outstanding collections/charge-offs with certain banks, that could be an issue, so we’d recommend purchasing tradelines with with different banks. Otherwise, you should be able to be added as an AU. Also, if you have any freezes/locks/fraud alerts on your credit, that could prevent tradelines from posting, so be sure to remove those first.

  28. Alison Hunley says:

    How can I tell in advance what the balance on the cards is? I don’t want to increase my dti

  29. Tarominoken60 says:

    What info is needed to be added to someones tradeline i have cards i can sell on here and i.want to age my credit so i may buy ? Name addresss ss # birthdate ?

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