Selling Tradelines: How to Choose the Best Company to Sell Tradelines With

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Selling Tradelines: How to Choose the Best Company to Sell Tradelines With

Selling Tradelines: How to Choose the Best Company to Sell Tradelines With

Selling Tradelines: How to Choose the Best Company to Sell Tradelines With

There is a tremendous opportunity to be involved in the tradeline industry as a credit partner. A credit partner is someone who sells the right for someone else to be temporarily added as an authorized user (AU) on their credit cards. The AU stays on the credit card for two months and then is removed. The credit partner receives a commission for each authorized user added.

As a prospective credit partner, once you have made the decision to sell your tradelines the next step is choosing which tradeline company you want to work with. Our guide is intended to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a tradeline company.

As a credit partner selling tradelines, your main objective is simple: to earn as much money as possible while being as protected as possible. However, when comparing tradeline companies, it is not as easy as it seems. It’s important to know the industry well so that you can make the best decision. While you may think the best strategy is just to look for the highest commissions, there is a lot more to it than that.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Tradelines?

Commissions are obviously important, but they are not everything.

For example, if you sign up with the highest-paying company but they only send you four orders per year, then you did not maximize your opportunity. More importantly, if you sign up with a company to sell your tradelines and your card gets shut down after six months, not only did you not maximize your income potential, but you may have lost a valuable card that was important to your own credit or finances.

There are also all the possibilities in between these two extreme examples such as getting your card shut down after 18 months while with a different company your card may not get shut down at all.

The bottom line is you want to be with a company who has a high sales volume and pays fair commissions, but most importantly, also minimizes your risk of getting your cards shut down. We feel that the way to truly maximize your potential is to remain in the game as long as possible. Taking the long-term approach is the wisest path and will lead to the most income in the long run.

Are There Risks With Selling Tradelines?

Increasing income by selling tradelines

Taking the long-term approach is the key to success in selling tradelines.

This is a great question to ask any company you are considering, mainly just to see if they answer it honestly. Our answer to this question is yes. However, there is bound to be some degree of risk in almost anything you do. Success or failure often boils down to how well one can manage and minimize risk.

For example, buying anything on the internet involves risk. Even when you use your credit card to buy something at the grocery store, a record of your credit card number gets left behind. Credit bureaus get hacked and everyone’s social security number is now for sale on the black market. These things happen. However, if you are savvy and vigilant about protecting yourself, this should not pose a big threat to your life.

In selling tradelines, the risk with the highest probability is the possibility of your cards getting shut down. If you feel that it would be catastrophic if your card got shut down, then the best advice is to not sell that card. As another option, you could enroll other cards that are not as important to you. There are two main things that we do to help minimize card closures:

  1. Most importantly, we avoid selling too many AU tradeline spots at a time. If a company advises or allows you to sell more than two spots per card at a time, with most banks, this means your odds of getting your card shut down are higher. At Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, we usually limit the number of AUs at any given time to two spots per card (with occasional exceptions to this rule based on our statistics). Companies who sell more than two spots with most banks may not have your best interests in mind. This risky behavior indicates that they may go through a lot of credit partners without caring if their cards get shut down because they know they can always sign up more credit partners to replace the inventory. In short, they may just try to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible, at the expense of the credit partner’s hard-earned credit cards. Our conservative policy of limiting the amount of AU spots sold makes us less money in the short term but helps protect our credit partners in the long term. This business decision is very telling about the level of loyalty (or lack thereof) a company has to their credit partners.
  2. We also minimize the risk of fraud and card closures through an advanced identity and social security number verification system that filters for synthetic identity fraud and other risk factors.

How Do You Verify the Identities of Your Customers?

Tradeline Supply Company, LLC employs one of the most sophisticated multi-factor identity verification systems in the industry.

The most common social security verification services are usually available through vendors who obtain their data from the credit bureaus. However, the credit bureaus dislike any company who is associated with the credit repair industry, especially tradeline companies, so it is impossible to get an account with any company who resells this information as a service.

Some “highly recommended” tradeline companies vaguely describe their verification process by saying something like “we do the same background check that most credit card companies do.” The fact is that credit card banks deal with credit bureaus, and all three major credit bureaus expressly prohibit any of their vendors to work with any company associated with the credit repair sector. Therefore, this statement either has to be a lie or they access that information under the name of a different company.

Tradeline Supply Company, LLC uses a sophisticated security system to verify our customers' identities and prevent fraud.

We use a sophisticated security system to verify our customers’ identities and prevent fraud. Photo by Ellen Johnson.

Either way, unsuspecting credit partners, as well as some influential bloggers, can be misinformed about what is really happening behind the scenes.

In contrast, Tradeline Supply Company, LLC verifies customers’ identities and fights fraud using Lexis Nexis, one of the largest companies in America specializing in risk mitigation and identity validation. In order to be approved to work with Lexis Nexis, we underwent thorough checks, provided extensive documentation about our internal policies and procedures, and had a physical site inspection of our office.

Gaining access to this highly sensitive information and secure service is not easy (or cheap), so most other companies do not have it. And this is only the first layer in our identity verification process.

In addition to using Lexis Nexis, we collect color copies of the client’s driver’s license and social security card and obtain all of their personal information including address, date of birth, phone number, email, etc. If any of these initial filters get flagged, we send the documents through a final verification which is directly through the Social Security Administration.

We were reluctant to disclose our verification methods because we know that competitors copy our every move, but if all companies did this the industry would be a better place. As a leader in the industry and an anti-fraud advocate, we feel a responsibility to help other tradeline companies improve their security systems, even if that means publishing information that could help our competitors.

Why Tradeline Supply Company, LLC Is a Leader in Selling Tradelines

We did not invent the tradeline business. We just perfected it. Ok, maybe that sounds a little sales-y, but the reality is that we have proven to be one of the most prolific innovators in this industry.

We were one of the first companies to completely automate the ability for consumers to be able to purchase tradelines 100% online. We could be considered more as a technology company who created an online platform that brings buyers and sellers of tradelines together. We are probably the only tradeline company in America who does not advertise about “boosting credit scores” and yet our annual sales rival those who have been in business for more than 10 years.

How do we do this? We made buying and selling tradelines easy. And we provide valuable free tools such as the tradeline calculator and articles to educate people on how the credit system works and empower them to make their own financial decisions.

As a credit partner with Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, you will benefit from our unique online credit partner portal, which allows you to manage all of your tradelines in one convenient place. Our efficient automated system allows for faster processing times, increased accuracy, and more sales, which means more commissions for you.

Best Tradeline Company

Our fully automated platform makes it easy to buy and sell tradelines online.

Being on the cutting edge of technology, we also have a vast marketing reach and a dedicated marketing team that never rests. In short, our sales volume is extremely high. Again, this means more commissions for you. If you compare our website to those of the competition, just ask yourself who you would choose to buy tradelines from if you were a consumer.

Many other companies have risky and questionable payment methods, such as asking for cash to be deposited directly into their bank account, Western Union, cryptocurrency, etc. Tradeline Supply Company, LLC has a legitimate third-party payment processor and our payment method is via eCheck, which allows customers to check out and pay right on our website.

On the topic of questionable business practices, you should definitely avoid any tradeline company who sells to CPNs. If you are unaware of the dangers of CPNs, read our detailed analysis of CPNs on our blog. CPNs are fake or stolen social security numbers that people use to build up an alternate credit profile. This is identity fraud and it is a federal crime.

However, many tradeline companies offer to add tradelines to people who have obtained CPNs or lack verification systems that are advanced enough to recognize a fraudulent SSN. Therefore, their credit partners may unknowingly be participating in fraud. We are strongly against this practice and we feel it is important to combat fraud by increasing awareness of CPNs and referring to the government’s official stance on them.

Many other tradeline companies also do a lot more than just sell tradelines. For example, many do personal and business funding, credit repair, credit sweeps, mortgages, and many other services. As in most industries, the businesses who only do one thing and do it well often have a superior product or service. We only sell tradelines and we have perfected our process and business model.

Companies who provide additional services increase their company’s liability. This, in turn, increases your liability, since you are participating in their programs.

Here’s a hypothetical example: Company X has a client with bad credit. They use questionable credit repair tactics to illegally remove accurate information from someone’s credit report, sell them tradelines expressly to boost their credit score, and help that person get, say, $150,000-$300,000 in personal or business funding. This was all done in-house under one company.

Now imagine what happens if/when that client defaults on that loan. It would be fair to assume that the company will have some liability. Do you really want to be involved with that liability? We recommend going with a company who only sells tradelines.

Examine our company and you will notice that we do things differently than our competitors in many areas. There is an important reason for this. We have invested quite a bit of time and money in compliance and legal consulting with very specialized law firms. We want to protect our credit partners just as much as we want to protect our own company.

Other Signs to Watch out for When Choosing a Tradeline Company to Sell Tradelines With

When you know the industry well enough, you start to notice certain signs that indicate the integrity (or lack thereof) of a tradeline company. For example, in our opinion, if a company has been around for several years, they probably should not need any new credit partners, and if they do, you may want to be cautious about working with them. Here’s why.

If they were treating their credit partners well, they should have so many referrals by now that they would likely have more inventory than they can sell. If this tradeline company still needs credit partners, that is most likely a sign that they are not retaining credit partners or their inventory. This could be due to getting credit partners’ credit cards shut down more frequently, not enough sales to keep the credit partners happy, or any other factors that could cause credit partners to want to leave.

Tradeline Supply Passive Income

At Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, our goal is to maximize earnings for our valued credit partners.

Another possibility may be that the credit partners are trying out more than one tradeline company and are happier with another company. Whatever the reason is, if a tradeline company has been around for a long time and still needs credit partners, that is cause for suspicion.

At Tradeline Supply Company, LLC we actually plan to stop enrolling new credit partners at some point in order to remain loyal to our current credit partners and ensure that they get as many sales as possible. Therefore, the time to get in as a credit partner with our company is now, before our doors close to new credit partners.

We are aware that there are other tradeline companies who have already stopped accepting new credit partners and we respect that decision. We view that as a positive sign because that shows a level of respect for their current credit partners.

Here is another sign to consider: almost all other companies sell tradelines from many more banks than we do. In our experience, the posting success rate of those other banks is much lower than the banks we work with. In fact, our standards are so high that we decided to discontinue selling with those banks even though we could be making money on those sales.

We are unique in the industry in that we guarantee our clients that the tradelines will post, and if they do not, we issue a refund immediately. Therefore, we choose to only sell products that have a high posting success rate. This is why we have earned the position of the industry’s most trusted source for tradelines and this is why large brokerages are choosing to buy their tradelines from us.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Company to Sell Your Tradelines

Figuring out who to trust in this industry can be tough. Being a savvy and knowledgeable credit partner is a good start. Our advice is to thoroughly research the companies you are interested in, never get involved with a company selling tradelines for CPNs, and choose a company who only sells tradelines. Also, be sure to watch out for the more subtle signs that indicate the integrity of a company.

If, after these considerations, you choose to work with one of our competitors, then we are impressed with them also. We want this industry to be a better place for both customers and credit partners and we do everything we can to help make that a reality.

While we feel that our company is the best tradeline company to sell tradelines with, we are also committed to constant improvement. We have many new features and benefits that will be rolled out in the coming months and years and we will never stop innovating and striving for perfection.

Thank you for considering selling tradelines with Tradeline Supply Company, LLC.

Tradeline Supply Company, LLC
Tradeline Supply Company, LLC
House copywriter at Tradeline Supply Company with articles about personal finance, credit repair, credit cards, and credit score information.


  1. Ronnie willimas says:

    how do i become involve

  2. Crystal says:

    Is there a certain percentage range that the card holder should make off their cards? For example I am currently using a company, who only pays me $100 for keeping a client on for two months. For a card with a $15,000 CL that has been open for over 11 years from a major bank. I recently looked on their website and found that they are making $1,209 off my card and only pay me for $50 a month technically for two months. I have decided to end my relationship with this company after current order is complete because it’s the principle.

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      Great question Crystal. We don’t have a specific percentage range that we pay and our commissions do fluctuate based on market conditions, but once a credit partner signs up with us their commissions are locked in and will not change unless there are some extreme conditions, to date we have never changed a credit partners commissions after they sign up.

      On the specific card you mentioned we would pay out $250 and our retail price we would sell to a consumer would be about $700, putting your percentage at 36%. Keep in mind a very large part of our business is B2B and includes up to a 30% discount, meaning we would sell your tradeline for $490, putting your commission at 51%.

      Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a tradeline company is how many sales they make. We have an extremely high sell through rate.

      To get a full breakdown on our current commission structure enter your info here:

  3. Tom says:

    Is there an option to have TSC choose the best Tradelines for me? ie) you run my credit and pick the best combination of tradelines – that you recommend. pls advise

  4. Crystal Chambers says:

    Hi , my name is Crystal
    I would like to sell
    My Tradeline’s I have 6 credit cards
    Can you let me know how old the cards have to be in order to sell and what the limit have to be please. Thank you

  5. Pamela Steplight says:

    I am interested in selling a tradeline. Someone called me but he never sent me the information to get started.

  6. Mzee Stark says:

    If a credit line increases or the card ages, will commissions increase?

  7. Laura Galloway says:

    What is the likelihood of an authorized user calling the bank to say they didn’t receive their credit card; thus, receiving a card linked to my account and maxing it out sticking me with the balance to pay?

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      Extremely low. They never receive any information about the cardholder or the account so they have no way to contact the bank regarding your account, let alone pass the security checks that would be required to make such a request. Also, cards for AUs are sent to the primary cardholder, not the AU. In addition, there are options to set up security features and alerts on your account for even more protection.

  8. zak says:

    if the person doesnt pay the balance they used can that affect the seller in other words will the seller have to pay the amount instead

  9. zak says:

    if the person doesn’t pay the balance they used can that affect the seller in other words will the seller have to pay the amount instead

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      Authorized users never receive a card or access to the account, so they cannot use any of the balance.

  10. Jim says:

    Do you buy/sell tradelines from PNC (formerly BBVA) cards?

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