Report a Non-Posting

Tradeline Supply Company, LLC is committed to offering quality tradelines that we guarantee will post to at least 2 bureaus within the reporting period or we will issue your money back on that tradeline.

Please note that you must purchase the tradeline by the purchase deadline in order for us to guarantee that it will post on the next reporting cycle.

All non-postings must be reported within 21 days of the first scheduled reporting date.

All non-posting refund requests must be processed in writing via email and the first step is to create a free account and confirm the following:  

1. Confirm that the tradeline is not being reported on both TransUnion and Equifax. (If it is being reported on 1 of the bureaus listed on Credit Karma but not the other, please see additional instructions below.) 

2. Confirm that your credit report has been updated after the last date within the reporting period. 

If you are able to confirm both of these points above, then you may request a refund on that tradeline. 

All refund requests must be in writing. Our customer service phone line does not process refunds or have access to your order information. Please send us an email to with the following information:   

1. Your name

2. Order #

3. The 4-digit card ID for the tradeline you are requesting a refund on

4. Your username and password for your account so we can verify the non-posting. Please note the email address and password are both case-sensitive, so please send us accurate information.  

If your account does show the tradeline posted to at least 1 bureau, we will need to look at your Experian data in order to prove that it did not report to at least 2 bureaus. Tradeline Supply Company, LLC will accept an or username and password to verify the Experian data only.  

Our refund department will confirm this information within two (2) business days and once confirmed we will issue a refund on that tradeline within two (2) business days. Normal fund transfer times may apply. The refund department is closed on weekends.

Contact Phone
Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM PST- 6:00 PM PST Saturday: 8:00 AM PST - 5:00 PM PST