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Bank Name Bank that issues the tradeline Card ID Tradeline Supply Company's internal card ID number's. This is the best way to communicate which tradeline you are referring to when calling or emailing us. Credit Limit The credit limit of the tradeline Date Opened Date the tradeline was opened Purchase By Date The last day to purchase the tradeline to guarantee it will report during the next reporting period. You can still purchase the tradeline after the add by date, but it won't be guaranteed to report until the next reporting period. Example: If the “Purchase By Date” is the 5th and the Reporting Period is the 16th -23rd as long as you buy the tradeline on or before the 5th we guarantee that it will post between the 16th – 23rd of that month. If you purchase this tradeline after the 5th then our guarantee of posting moves to the Reporting Period on the following month. Reporting Period These are the possible dates your tradeline will post. Please allow the full 7 day window of time before contacting us with any questions or concerns regarding your posting. Also, make sure you buy the tradeline by the Purchase By Date to be guaranteed to post on the next Reporting Period. Availability Amount of spots left for sale Price Price before any discountsAdd Individual to Cart
Capital OneCapital One15315$10,0002020 May20210707Jul 7th20210718Jul 18th - Jul 25th2 in stock$302.50
Capital OneCapital One18613$6,3002015 Sep20210707Jul 7th20210718Jul 18th - Jul 25th1 in stock$412.50
ChaseChase18603$5,2002012 May20210702Jul 2nd20210713Jul 13th - Jul 20th1 in stock$522.50
Bank of AmericaBank of America18602$7,5002014 Feb20210707Jul 7th20210718Jul 18th - Jul 25th2 in stock$550.00
Capital OneCapital One17129$10,0002017 Apr20210629Jun 29th20210710Jul 10th - Jul 17th1 in stock$440.00
ChaseChase18570$8,3002015 Oct20210705Jul 5th20210716Jul 16th - Jul 23rd2 in stock$467.50
ChaseChase18538$16,0002017 Jun20210708Jul 8th20210719Jul 19th - Jul 26th1 in stock$467.50
BarclaysBarclays18369$6,3002015 May20210705Jul 5th20210716Jul 16th - Jul 23rd6 in stock$440.00
BarclaysBarclays17657$9,3502012 Jul20210707Jul 7th20210718Jul 18th - Jul 25th1 in stock$605.00
BarclaysBarclays3936$15,0002019 Jun20210625Jun 25th20210706Jul 6th - Jul 13th1 in stock$385.00
BarclaysBarclays17127$12,8502014 Feb20210625Jun 25th20210706Jul 6th - Jul 13th2 in stock$605.00
BarclaysBarclays17086$5,0002014 Aug20210701Jul 1st20210712Jul 12th - Jul 19th4 in stock$440.00
BarclaysBarclays17041$10,5002014 Jan20210624Jun 24th20210705Jul 5th - Jul 12th2 in stock$605.00
ChaseChase14634$3,5002014 Apr20210703Jul 3rd20210714Jul 14th - Jul 21st1 in stock$412.50
ChaseChase1209$24,1002019 Jun20210705Jul 5th20210716Jul 16th - Jul 23rd1 in stock$550.00
ChaseChase13539$2,0002018 Jul20210621Jun 21st20210702Jul 2nd - Jul 9th1 in stock$275.00
BarclaysBarclays13418$6,0002014 Jun20210625Jun 25th20210706Jul 6th - Jul 13th1 in stock$440.00
BarclaysBarclays11440$5,5002015 Jun20210702Jul 2nd20210713Jul 13th - Jul 20th1 in stock$412.50
BarclaysBarclays10541$6,0002013 May20210711Jul 11th20210722Jul 22nd - Jul 29th1 in stock$467.50
BarclaysBarclays9729$6,1002015 Sep20210702Jul 2nd20210713Jul 13th - Jul 20th1 in stock$412.50
Capital OneCapital One3565$5,0002017 Sept20210624Jun 24th20210705Jul 5th - Jul 12th1 in stock$313.50

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