Frequently Asked Questions

General Tradeline Information

What is a tradeline?

How do tradelines work?

How much do tradelines cost?

Do tradelines still work in 2019?

What is tradeline renting?

What is a seasoned tradeline?


Tradeline List FAQs

What is the “Purchase By Date”?

Do you have tradelines that are not on your current list?

Can you send me a list of updated tradelines?


Selecting Tradelines

Can you help me choose a tradeline?

What is more important: the age of the card or the credit limit?

How many tradelines should I buy?


Reporting/Posting FAQs

Will my tradelines post if I have fraud alerts or credit freezes on my credit file?

How long do tradelines stay on your credit?

How many bureaus do you guarantee it will report to?

How long does it take for your tradelines to report?

Do you have tradelines that will stay on my credit for longer than 2 months?

How do I request a refund if a tradeline does not post?


Placing an Order & Paying

How do I place an order?

How do I buy store credit or pay with a wire?

Do you accept credit cards?

What documents do I need in order to purchase a tradeline?

What payment methods do you accept?


Credit Repair & Credit Score Information

What is the average boost in score from tradelines?

Do you do credit repair?

What is piggybacking for credit?


Legal Topics

Are tradelines legal?

Do you accept CPNs?

Do you sell primary tradelines?


Other Information

Do you help with funding?

Is Tradeline Supply Company, LLC a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?