What Is the Difference Between Being a Broker Representative and a White Label Broker?

To place an order as a tradeline broker, you have two options:

  1. As a “white label broker,” you can resell our tradelines branded under your company name. To become a white label broker, complete our white label broker application and provide documentation that you have an official business. The application details what type of business documentation we accept.

  2. If you do not have an official business or just want to place an order immediately on behalf of your client, you can place an order as a “broker representative.” When placing an order as a broker representative, you will need to upload your client’s documents and signed user agreement during checkout. Alternatively, have the client sign over power of attorney to you so you can then sign the user agreement for them. 

For more details on these two programs or to receive the white label broker application, please provide your contact information on our broker page and we will contact you with additional materials.

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