How To Place An Order

Thank you for your interest in our tradelines.  We are an online business so all orders must be placed through our secure website.

When you decide which tradelines you want here are the steps to completing the purchase:

  1. Add the tradelines you want to purchase to the cart.
  2. Click on the cart in the top right corner of the website to see your order summary.
  3. Click proceed to checkout.
  4. Click “Sign Service Terms & Disclosures” and go through the steps to E-Sign this paperwork.
  5. Enter your personal information into the checkout page.
  6. Upload a color copy of your driver’s license and social security card into the Documentation section.
  7. Enter your routing number and account number of your checking account for E-Check payment.
  8. Click “Submit Order” to complete your order.

When you complete the order process on our website you will immediately receive a confirmation email of your order.  Keep that email handy because it will show which tradelines you purchased and all the details of the tradelines, including what the reporting period is for each tradeline.

Please note that you must purchase each tradeline by the “Purchase By Date” in order for us to guarantee that it will post on the next reporting period.  If you buy the tradeline after the Purchase By Date then we guarantee the tradeline will post on the following month.

Once your order is placed there is nothing else for you to do.  You simply wait for the reporting period and we guarantee that the tradeline will post by the last day in the reporting period or we will issue a full money back refund.

Since this process of adding you to a tradeline is completed in one step (which is adding you to the tradeline) you will not receive any status updates.  The final step is waiting for your tradeline to post.