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“Tradeline packages” are offered by many companies in the tradeline industry. What are tradeline packages and should you buy one? Find out below.Tradeline Packages Pinterest graphic

What Are Tradeline Packages?

Tradeline packages are bundles of two or more tradelines sold together as a package deal. Some companies put together the tradeline packages for you, while other companies may allow you to customize your package.

Tradeline companies tend to market these packages as being the ultimate solution to building credit. After all, why buy one tradeline or choose a few tradelines for yourself when you can buy a “package” that is supposed to be extra-powerful and designed specifically for you?

But are these tradeline packages really as valuable as the marketing claims would have you believe?

Do I Need a Tradeline Package?

As we discuss in “How Many Tradelines Do I Need?,” while there are some cases in which buying multiple tradelines can be beneficial, often the safest bet (especially if there are budget constraints) is to purchase one highest-quality tradeline rather than spreading your budget thin between two or more lesser-quality tradelines.

For this reason, tradeline packages are not always the best choice. In other words, by buying a tradeline package, you may be spending money on a few tradelines that are not very powerful and do not add very much age to your credit profile, when you would have been better off adding a single tradeline with a lot of age instead. This is because age is the most powerful factor of a tradeline.

In fact, unethical companies may go so far as to use so-called “tradeline packages” as a way to offload their poor-quality tradelines that consumers would not normally choose to buy, deceptively marketed as something that is supposed to be beneficial.

Some tradeline companies offer packages of tradelines with a range of ages, with the oldest tradelines having the lowest credit limits and the newest tradelines having the highest credit limits. The idea behind this strategy is that it is supposed to demonstrate that your credit has improved over time. 

However, it is not necessary to purchase a tradeline package that is structured in this way for a few reasons. 

To start with, the credit algorithms are entirely automated, so there is no one looking at your credit profile and deciding whether or not it “looks like” your credit has gotten better over time.

In addition, there is no evidence to show that having your tradelines “improve over time,” rather than being excellent from the start, is beneficial for your credit in the first place.

Finally, a package like this inherently must contain tradelines that have relatively low age. As we mentioned, this could just end up diluting your credit profile with low-quality tradelines and being a waste of money. 

How to Buy a Tradeline Package

First of all, don’t assume you have to get a tradeline package for the best results and always take the “advice” of tradeline salespeople with a grain of salt.

We believe in empowering consumers about how tradelines work so you can choose the tradeline or tradeline package that works best for you without having to sit through a sales pitch delivered by a commissioned salesperson. 

When you buy tradelines from Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, you can browse our live list of updated tradelines and use the educational resources in our Knowledge Center to help you decide which tradelines are right for you.

Essentially, you can create your own custom tradeline package, if you decide that buying multiple tradelines would be a good fit for your budget and your credit profile.

Once you have chosen the best tradelines for your tradeline package, simply add them to your cart and check out as you normally would for any tradeline order.

When ordering a tradeline package, you can use code “PKGDEAL” to get 10% off your second tradeline, 20% off your third tradeline, and 30% off your fourth tradeline. Browse our tradeline list to start building your tradeline package now.

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