Does It Matter Which Bank the Tradeline Is From?

There are only a few banks that post authorized user data very consistently, so in this sense, the bank that the tradeline is from is extremely important.

While most tradeline companies typically sell tradelines from many more banks than we do, most of these banks do not have high posting success rates. In other words, there is a high chance that their tradelines will not post to your credit report.

We have determined which banks report AU tradelines the most reliably based on our years of research and testing. We choose to work only with the best banks that have the highest posting success rates in order to maintain the reliability of our postings.

Therefore, if you buy tradelines from Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, it should not matter which bank the tradeline is from.

The exception to this is if you have unpaid collections with a particular bank or if you had an unpaid debt with a bank when filing for bankruptcy. In these cases, you may be blacklisted from that bank, so we recommend that you choose a tradeline from a different bank.

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