How Long Does It Take for Your Tradelines to Report?

Our tradelines can report in as few as 11 days (and even faster in some cases) but it depends on which tradeline you choose and when the reporting period is.

Reporting Period

Each tradeline on our list has its own unique reporting period and a corresponding deadline that you must purchase it by in order for us to guarantee that it will post in the next reporting cycle. 

The reporting period is a 7-day window of time each month during which the tradeline gets reported to the credit bureaus.

Each tradeline gets reported to the credit bureaus around the same time every month. There is usually no more than a 7-day variance on the reporting date, but this all depends on many factors such as how many days are in that month, delays due to bank holidays, and general fluctuations.

Purchasing Tradelines

The way our system works is you must purchase the tradeline by the “purchase deadline” in order for us to guarantee that it will post in the next reporting cycle.

As long as you purchase the tradeline by the purchase deadline, then we guarantee it will report by the last day in the reporting period, but in most cases, it usually reports closer to the beginning of the reporting period.


If you believe you may have a non-posting, please wait until the entire reporting period has passed before contacting us about a refund or exchange. Also, please check to make sure that your credit monitoring service has been updated after the last day of the reporting period.

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