How Much Do Tradelines Cost?

Our pricing on tradelines ranges from $150 to around $1,500 depending on two main variables:   

1. The age of the tradeline 

2. The credit limit of the tradeline 

In general, the higher the limit and older the tradeline the higher the price (and vice versa.)  There are also cases where a tradeline may have a lot of age but a very low limit or a tradeline with a high limit but very low age (and everything in between.) 

People buy tradelines for many different reasons and since our list of tradelines is so large each person should be able to find tradelines that fit their individual needs. 

For example, some people are only looking for high limits and do not care about the age while others only need the age and don’t care about the limit.  Others just want a really cheap tradeline and do not care about either of these factors and some people would only consider high limit combined with very old age. 

One feature of our tradeline list allows you to click on the top header (the category that describes what the information is in that column) and it will sort the entire list by that category.  In other words, you can instantly sort the list by age, limit, price, reporting date, etc.  This feature allows you to compare tradelines very quick and easy. 

Finally, in order to learn how to decide on which tradeline is best for you click on How To Choose A Tradeline to read a detailed article about how tradelines work.