Can Tradelines Hurt My Credit?

Yes, it is possible that tradelines can actually hurt your credit if you do not choose a tradeline that is a good fit for your credit profile. In order to avoid buying poor-quality tradelines that could hurt your credit, it is essential to understand your credit situation and what your goals are before choosing a tradeline.

You also need to do the math to determine your average age of accounts before purchasing a tradeline so that you can be sure to choose a tradeline with enough age. You can do this using our custom Tradeline Calculator.

The steps that you’ll want to follow when choosing a tradeline are outlined below, and explained in more detail in “Tradelines in Easy Steps.”

  1. Understand your credit profile

  2. Choose tradelines that are a good fit with your credit profile and your goals

  3. Order your tradelines

  4. Wait for your tradelines to post!

A common mistake that people make when buying tradelines is incorrectly assuming that the credit limit is the most important factor and spending their money on a high-limit card with little age. Since age is the most important factor of a tradeline, if you buy a tradeline that does not substantially increase your average age of accounts, it is likely that you may not be happy with your results.

For more assistance with choosing the best tradelines for your credit, we recommend reading the following articles:


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