What Is a Seasoned Tradeline?

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“Seasoned tradelines” is a common buzzword in the world of credit and personal finance. We all know we should have seasoned tradelines in our credit file, but what does the term really mean, and how can you add seasoned tradelines to your credit report?

Let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about seasoned tradelines so you can have a better understanding of what they are and how they work.

What Is a Seasoned Tradeline?

A seasoned tradeline is a credit account which has been aged for a period of time. Generally, accounts that are at least two years old are considered to be seasoned.

Since age is one of the most important factors of your credit score, having as much credit age as possible is essential in order to achieve the best credit score. Therefore, having a friend or family member with a seasoned tradeline can be a real asset to your credit health if they add you as an authorized user to that aged account.

Due to inequality in the credit system, many people do not have access to a friend or family member with a seasoned account that can add them as an authorized user in order to help build their credit profile. This is why Tradeline Supply Company, LLC provides a platform to connect those who are looking for seasoned tradelines with those who are able to add authorized users to their aged accounts. 

When people refer to purchasing or renting seasoned tradelines, they are usually talking about aged credit card accounts that authorized users can be added to.

When an authorized user is added to a seasoned tradeline, this does not necessarily mean that the new user will be able to make charges to the account. However, the full history of that account will often be reflected in the authorized user’s credit report, regardless of the date they were added.

Some tradelines are more seasoned than others. A tradeline that has been open for several years will be more valuable than one that has only been open for one year. While different tradelines may be useful in different situations depending on the card and each individual’s credit profile, generally, we recommend always focusing on age when choosing a tradeline.

In fact, there are certain age levels that we have found to be particularly beneficial when it comes to seasoned tradelines, which we explain in “Why Age Is the Most Valuable Factor of a Tradeline.”

Are Seasoned Tradelines Legal?Why Age Is the Most Valuable Factor of a Tradeline

People with strong credit almost always have several seasoned tradelines in their credit file. The term “seasoned tradelines” simply refers to credit accounts that have been open for a period of time, which certainly does not involve anything illegal.

Although seasoned tradelines are legal, when purchasing them through a company, it is important to only work with legitimate and reputable companies that are in compliance with regulations.

Unfortunately, some tradeline sellers use Credit Profile Numbers (CPNs) to create fraudulent identities or mislead those hoping to improve their financial situation. That’s why we recommend that you choose a tradeline company that does not sell or work with CPNs.

How Are Seasoned Tradelines Different Than Primary Tradelines?

Primary tradelines are accounts that belong to the primary user, which is the person who was actually issued the credit. If you have a loan in your name, for example, that would be a primary tradeline.

While some people think that primary tradelines hold more weight than authorized user tradelines, this is not always the case.

Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires that creditors consider authorized user information, which promotes equal treatment of all credit applicants. Therefore, in many cases, the authorized user position is also weighted very heavily and possibly even equally in some credit scoring models.

A seasoned tradeline is simply an account that has been aged, which could include both primary accounts and authorized user accounts.

However, in the context of purchasing tradelines, the term usually refers to the process of adding aged authorized user accounts to one’s credit file. In contrast, opening a new primary account would not provide any seasoning, since it would be a brand-new account with no age.

Those who do not have primary tradelines of their own or need to build credit fast may consider purchasing seasoned authorized user tradelines for sale.

How Quickly Can Seasoned Tradelines Impact My Credit?

Seasoned tradelines can report in as few as 5-11 days, but this depends on when the date the AU is added and the reporting period of the tradeline.

Seasoned tradelines can report in as few as 7-11 days, but this depends on when the date the AU is added and the reporting period of the tradeline.

Seasoned tradelines can show up on your credit report in as little as 7-11 days, and sometimes even faster, but this depends on many factors, including the date the AU is added and the reporting period of the tradeline.

Each tradeline has its own reporting period during which changes to the account post to the credit bureaus. These seasoned tradelines are reported to the credit bureaus at around the same time each month, with typically no more than a 7-day variance. Factors such as bank holidays or general reporting fluctuations may affect this timing.

When you find tradelines on Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, we provide a “purchase-by date” that lets you know when you must purchase your tradeline by in order for us to guarantee that it will post in the upcoming reporting period. If you miss this date, we guarantee your tradeline will post by the following month’s reporting period.

If you have purchased a seasoned tradeline that you believe has not posted, please wait until the entire reporting period has passed before reaching out for support. In addition, make sure that your Credit Karma account has been updated after the reporting period.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Seasoned Tradelines?

The price of a tradeline depends on how seasoned it is as well as the credit limit of the account. A tradeline that has several years of pristine payment history will typically be more expensive that one that does not have as much seasoning.

Depending on each individual’s situation, different types of tradelines may be appropriate, even “unseasoned” tradelines. Contact one of our tradeline experts or read “How to Choose a Tradeline” for help figuring out which tradeline may be right for you.

How to Purchase Seasoned Tradelines

Placing an order for a seasoned tradeline is easy! In just a few steps you can order your seasoned tradeline on our secure website. For a step-by-step guide, visit How to Place an Order.

For more information on seasoned tradelines, be sure to check out our Tradeline Knowledge Center and the rest of our FAQs.

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