How Many Bureaus Do You Guarantee the Tradelines Will Report To?

We have checked with all the banks we work with and confirmed that every bank on our list does report to all three credit bureaus. However, it is well known that the banks’ and credit bureaus’ reporting of data is often less than perfect.   

For this reason, we guarantee that the tradeline will post to at least two out of the three major credit bureaus. We are not saying that it will only post to two bureaus, rather, we are simply saying that our money-back guarantee is that it will post to any two out of three bureaus. The majority of the time, it does post to all three bureaus, but in the event that it only posts to two bureaus, we did deliver on our promise.   

Often, people ask if we only guarantee that it will post to two out of the three bureaus, can we tell them which two bureaus they will post to? Unfortunately, we do not know the answer to this question, because again, more times than not it ends up posts to all three bureaus.

Whenever it posts to less than three bureaus, that usually implies there was some sort of error in the data transmission either from the bank or on the bureau’s side. We do not know why these glitches happen, but we do know they happen, and they are a reality in this industry.

Therefore, as a consumer, it is best to plan for all possibilities, and this is also a good reason to consider adding multiple tradelines from different banks to hedge against these possible data errors.

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