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Do Tradelines Still Work in 2020? | Tradeline Supply Company, LLC

Do Tradelines Still Work in 2020?

One question we often hear is “Do tradelines still work in 2020?” Fortunately, we can say with certainty that tradelines do still work in 2020, and we are confident they will continue to be effective for years to come.
Do Federal Laws Really Help Me Establish Credit? by John Ulzheimer

Do Federal Laws Really Help Me Establish Credit?

Do the FCRA and the CARD act help consumers to establish credit? Credit expert John Ulzheimer weighs in.
The Surprising History of the Credit Bureaus

The Surprising History of the Credit Bureaus

Most of us have credit reports assembled about us by the credit bureaus, yet few of us know about the surprising history of credit reporting. Find out how the credit bureaus evolved into what they are today and about the many scandals that have taken place along the way.
credit card cpn how they work

What Is a CPN?

A “CPN” or “CPN number” might sound like a good solution if you have had trouble with your credit and want to “start fresh.” However, CPNs are not what they are marketed to be. Learn the truth about CPNs and why you should avoid them.
Don’t I Have the Right to a Credit Report? by John Ulzheimer

Don’t I Have the Right to a Credit Report?

Do consumers have the right to certain credit report information or even the right to a credit report at all? Credit expert John Ulzheimer explains the answer to this important question.

What Happened to Equal Credit Opportunity for All?

Equality, fairness, and justice are all concepts that the United States promotes as some of its highest values. In reality, good credit is something that many privileged Americans start out with, while others do not. How do tradelines fit into equal credit opportunity?
Tradeline Supply Company Reviews

Tradeline Supply Company Reviews

Tradeline reviews are an important factor to consider when buying tradelines. Here's what you need to know about our Tradeline Supply Company reviews.
Are tradelines legal?

Are Tradelines Legal?

“Are tradelines legal?” is one of the first questions people ask when they are introduced to the tradeline business. To answer this question, we will reference what authorities have said about the tradeline industry and show what their conclusions have been.
primary tradelines

Buying Primary Tradelines: Fact, Fiction, or Fraud?

Primary tradelines are usually the goal of anyone trying to build credit. However, buying a “primary tradeline” may involve actions that are questionable at best and possibly illegal at worst, and it may not even help as much as you may hope. This article attempts to shed light on some of the tactics that may exist in the primary tradeline marketplace.

The Ethics of Tradelines

Tradelines and credit piggybacking are controversial topics, so much so that many people ask the question “are piggybacking and buying and selling tradelines ethical?” We want to shed light on some perspectives that may not be immediately obvious.