How Can I Set up Additional Security on My Tradelines?

Each bank has various options to set spending limits, freeze or lock your cards, and receive alerts via text messages, emails, or phone calls. You can call the bank or click around in your online banking portal to become familiar with your security features and alert options.

Here are some specific risk prevention strategies that we recommend to reinforce the security of your accounts. This information is also provided with your email confirmation anytime you receive a new tradeline order.

  • If available, choose the option to not issue a new card or send a card in the mail at all.

  • Put spending limits on the authorized users’ cards or freeze the cards altogether.

  • Set up automatic alerts to be triggered when your account balance exceeds an amount of your choosing.

  • Set up two-factor authentication on your accounts and designate your phone number or email address to receive the verification codes when logging in.

  • Be aware of how to freeze your entire account quickly if needed.

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