Authorized User Questions 


Q.  How long will I stay on as an Authorized User? 

A.  Each authorized user will remain on the account for two (2) reporting cycles.

Q.  How many bureaus do you guarantee that it will post to? 

A.  We guarantee it will post to at least 2 bureaus for two reporting cycles.

Q.  How fast can I be added as an authorized user?

A.  Our credit partners have up to two (2) business days to add you as an authorized user and the account should report to the credit bureaus within 7-10 days.

Q. How do I request a refund if it does not post?

A. Please wait at least 1 week after the estimated reporting date before contacting TSC about non-posting.  If a week has passed, please email the login details to your CreditKarma account so that we can verify non-posting.

Q. Do you accept CPN’s?

A.  We do not work with CPN’s.

Q.  What documents are needed?

A.   A color copy of your original social security card (clear pictures are accepted) and a color copy of a valid driver’s license, passport, or state issued identification card (clear pictures are accepted.)

Q.  A certain tradeline is sold out. Can I get on a waiting list to buy that tradeline as soon as it becomes available?

A.   Yes.  Just call or email Tradeline Supply Company and we can get you added to a waiting list for that tradeline.

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

A.  We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

Q.  Can you send me your most updated list?

A.  Our “Tradelines” page on our website has the most updated list of inventory and current pricing.

Q.  What is the “add by” date?

A.  In order to guarantee the tradeline posts on the reporting date it must be purchased by the “add by” date.

Q.  Do you do credit repair?

A.  We do not offer any credit repair services.

Q.  Can you refer me to someone who helps with funding?

A.  We do not currently have a referral source for funding.


Credit Partner Questions


Q.  When do I get paid?

A.  The credit partner gets paid when the transaction is complete and the authorized user has been removed from your account after two billing cycles.

Q.  How do I get paid?

A.  We offer direct deposit for our credit partners.

Q.  Are there any credit cards you do not accept?

A.  The industry is in constant flux, please contact us to find out what cards we are and are not working with.

Q.  How many sales will I get?

A.  We work on low margin high volume sales, so while we cannot predict the exact amount of sales, we make every effort to provide the highest amount of sales possible.

Q.  What if I am unavailable to add an authorized user?

A.  If you know in advance you will be unavailable to add an AU, just let us know and we will make your card unavailable.

Q.  How do I add an AU?

A.  Most banks offer an online portal that you can add an AU to your card in under 1 minute.

Q.  Can I still use my credit cards?

A.  Yes, in fact we actually require a non-zero balance to help with reporting.  Utilization must remain under 10%.

Q.  Do the AU’s receive a copy of the credit card?

A.  No

Q.  Can the AU’s spend money on my cards?

A.  No

Q.  How am I protected from the AU’s not spending money on my cards?

A.  The AU will never get a copy of the card, know the owner of it, or have the account number, expiration date, or security code.  For further protection if so desired a credit partner can put spending limits on their cards, or freeze them altogether.


Broker/Third Party Questions


Q.  Do you work with brokers or third parties?

A.  Yes, we work with brokers or third parties.

Q.  Is there special pricing for brokers or third parties?

A.  At this time no.  We are offering wholesale pricing right on our website.

Q.  Can you send me your most updated list?

A.  Our “Tradelines” page on our website has the most updated list of inventory and current pricing.