Our Manager Tells a Heartfelt Father-Daughter Success Story

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A Spotlight on the Staggering Financial Inequalities in America
A Spotlight on the Staggering Financial Inequalities in America
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Our Manager Tells a Heartfelt Father-Daughter Success Story

Our Manager Tells a Heartfelt Father-Daughter Success Story

I thought I would share a heartfelt story of a past client of ours. I will not mention the name, but this story is what gives me meaning for what I do. 

I received a call and the gentleman proceeded to tell me about his story. He explained that when he was young, his parents never taught him about money, credit, or how to handle finances. He said his parents were very poor and did not teach him how important these topics were.

As this gentleman went through life, he did not have much in terms of financial accomplishments. He worked hard all his life, had a stable job, and was blessed with a daughter who was now graduating high school and had dreams of going to college. 

His daughter recently started her first job and became a young adult who was being thrust into “the real world.” Over the years, her father had eventually become financially stable and had been studying ways to help his daughter succeed and navigate through life better than he did.

He began going to numerous banks’ websites and reading about Parent Plus Loans to help his daughter pay for college. He read about how to help his daughter get student credit cards and about “teaching kids about credit.”

He did much of this research directly on the big banks’ websites, thinking that since they are the source of the money, maybe these banks can provide some valuable ideas and options.

In the course of his research on the numerous national bank’s websites, he also began reading what they wrote about the benefits of adding one’s kids to their credit cards as authorized users. According to the banks, this would help them get a head start in building their own credit.

To this man’s surprise, there were numerous articles written about the topic. He began going to all the major bank’s websites and typing in “authorized user” and would read everything they had published on the topic which enlightened him on the strategy of credit piggybacking

The gentleman described his feeling of hope in learning about such a powerful option, yet he also felt an overwhelming sense of despair knowing that he was not in a position to be able to help his daughter, unlike some of the other more financially savvy parents.

He said it was difficult to find the right words to describe his feeling of hope and despair that existed at the same time. He said that all he could do was pray for a solution.

After several days passed, he had nearly given up on this idea to help his daughter. He decided to go back to his computer and search for “authorized user” one last time, except this time using his primary search engine instead of going directly to a bank’s website. As he searched, his screen filled up with businesses advertising tradelines for sale.

This client decided to purchase tradelines though Tradeline Supply Company, LLC for his daughter as a graduation gift.

The client decided to purchase tradelines for his daughter as a graduation gift.

He had no idea what tradelines were, so he started reading numerous websites that talked about them and even offered them for purchase. He felt that the answer to his prayers had been delivered.

He wanted to buy a tradeline for his daughter as one of her high school graduation presents. After much research and comparison, he decided to purchase a tradeline for his daughter though Tradeline Supply Company, LLC.

When he called us, he explained how he wanted to be able to do something for his daughter that his parents were not able to do for him. 

He told me about his whole journey of learning about authorized user benefits but then becoming depressed knowing that his credit was not good enough to help his daughter. While he knew that it was not his fault that his parents and teachers never taught him the importance of having credit, he still felt guilty that he could not provide this financial advantage to his daughter that more privileged parents are often able to provide.

He said that finding out about our company was literally the answer to his prayers. He ended up buying two tradelines for his daughter and every now and then he gives me updates on how she is doing. 

His emotional story almost brings tears to my eyes because he is so appreciative of what I do and how I was able to help him and his daughter. He always felt that growing up in a family of low socioeconomic status was such a disadvantage, and he wanted to do anything he could to give his daughter a fair shot at succeeding in this tough world.

So Mr. _______, if you are reading this post, please know that you made my day by sharing your story and I thank you for bringing a deeper sense of meaning to my work. The appreciation that you have expressed to me is felt deep in my heart and I wish your daughter all the best in her life. You make me proud to help provide equal opportunity for all.

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