Wholesale Tradelines: What Are You Really Buying?

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How Do Tradelines Fit Into the FIRE Movement?
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Our Manager Tells a Heartfelt Father-Daughter Success Story
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Wholesale Tradelines: What Are You Really Buying?

When searching for seasoned authorized user tradelines, you’ll probably see a lot of companies promising “wholesale tradelines.”  

What does it mean if a company offers “wholesale tradelines?” If a tradeline company says they have wholesale tradelines, does that mean they have the best tradeline prices? Or is this term more of a marketing gimmick than a useful indicator of a tradeline company’s pricing?

Keep reading for our perspective on the topic of wholesale tradelines.

What Is the Definition of Wholesale Tradelines?

To begin, let’s define the word “wholesale.” If something is described as wholesale, that typically means it is being sold in large quantities to be resold by others, such as retailers. In other words, it is usually not sold to the end consumer.

Therefore, “wholesale tradelines” would seem to mean tradelines that are not sold directly to consumers, but to other people or businesses who then resell the tradelines to the end consumers.

However, in reality, many companies simply use this buzzword as a substitute for the word “cheap,” which is not only inaccurate but often intentionally misleading.

Marketing Tactics Used Within the Tradeline Industry

If you look at the prices of the companies boasting wholesale tradelines, what do you notice? Do they really have better prices?

Most of the time, the prices are on par with what you might expect from any other tradeline company.

However, if you are a tradeline broker, they may try to entice you with a broker “discount” of up to 50%.

Although you may see companies offering 50% off tradelines, it's important to determine your bottom line dollar amount.

Although you may see companies offering 50% off tradelines, it’s important to determine your bottom line dollar amount.

That 50% off sounds appealing until you consider the fact that even with the 50% off discount applied, those tradelines might still be more expensive than tradelines of the same quality at a company that has truly fair pricing to begin with.

For example, we often see competitors selling tradelines for $1,500 while our normal price for that same tradeline is around $600. Then, if you buy into the 50% off program you would then get that tradeline for $750. In this case, our regular pricing is still cheaper, even without a discount.

So would you rather go for the 50% off deal for $750 or just buy from us at $600? Additionally, if you are a broker at the 30% off level with us, you would get that same tradeline for $420.

In this example, our pricing is actually 72% lower than the competition’s pricing, but we don’t need to use that style of advertising when we know our pricing is lower than most other companies in the first place.

Tradeline Broker Programs

While many tradeline companies do offer tradeline reseller discount programs, these programs are typically quite expensive to join. We have seen fees ranging from $499 to nearly $3,000 to join these broker programs.

If you have to pay that much money in order to get a discount on your tradeline orders, then what are you really gaining?

In contrast, at Tradeline Supply Company, LLC, it is completely free to be a broker representative and even to join our White Label broker program. Our brokers get discounts of up to 30% off all tradeline orders depending on their sales volume.

Our prices are already some of the lowest in the industry, and with an extra 30% off on top of that, our pricing should be very difficult to beat, despite any “wholesale” advertising gimmicks other companies may try to offer. In fact, our margins are very slim at this level of discount which goes to show that our prices are as low as we can possibly make them.

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Plus, even customers who are not tradeline resellers can use our package deal discount to save up to 30% on tradeline packages.

While other tradeline companies may offer discounts that seem bigger at first glance, their prices also often start much higher. Our lower starting prices mean our customers and brokers get the best value for their money, especially considering that our prices include a money-back posting guarantee. That’s why we don’t need to use gimmicks or deceptive tactics to market our tradelines.

Conclusions on Wholesale Tradelines

If you are looking to buy tradelines wholesale, you really need to look carefully at what your final price will be so you can compare apples to apples. For example, when you see the 50% off sale at the high-priced retailer at the mall, you often realize that it is still more expensive than purchasing the same item for at a discount store or on the internet.

Additionally, imagine how you would feel if you bought into a “discount” program that cost you thousands of dollars and then you find out that the company decided to increase their prices to offset that discount. All of that money would have essentially been wasted.

It is important to be able to see past the marketing claims and flashy discount programs. Make sure to think through your tradeline purchase, compare bottom line prices, and do the math for yourself to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Tradeline Supply Company, LLC
Tradeline Supply Company, LLC
House copywriter at Tradeline Supply Company with articles about personal finance, credit repair, credit cards, and credit score information.


  1. Albert says:

    Very true! You guys have the best prices in the industry and very professional team. Wholesale tradelines, boost my score etc is 100 times more expensive for the same product. You don’t promise what you cant guarantee! Don’t change keep up the good work

    • David Melnicoe, Founder says:

      Very kind words Albert. I shared this comment with the whole team, made for a great end to our week. Thanks!

  2. Dylan says:

    Honestly I cannot thank you guys enough so the least I can do is comment on your informative blog post. “Wholesale tradelines” whether it is “the company” or the term is a bit shady to put it simply. I SHOPPED extensively for the right company to do business with and had a conversation with “wholesale tradelines” and was not impressed to say the least. I also had a conversation with you all, and left feeling really good. Not only is your customer support team exceptional, the tradeline I bought from you reported a few days early and boosted by score by 56 points! To sum it up “wholesale tradelines” is a marketing ploy as you eloquently suggested. You guys are the real deal. Thank you!

  3. Francina Lynch says:

    Hi how long does the tradeline stay on your credit?

  4. Nancy Williams says:

    question is it a waste to purchase a tradeline if you have negatives on your credit report? will a tradeline move the needle? or is it a complete waste of money? thank you in advance.

    • Tradeline Supply Company, LLC says:

      The question of whether a tradeline is right for you is highly dependent on the details of your specific situation and the quality of the tradeline. We have some general information about this on our site that you can read or you can give us a call at 619-255-9588 if you have questions.

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