What Is My Potential Annual Income From Selling Tradelines?

To calculate your potential annual income from selling tradelines, simply multiply the commission by the number of AU spots you will be selling on that tradeline, and then multiply by six (since the AUs stay on for two months, the maximum number of sales for each AU spot per year is six). If you are enrolling more than one tradeline in the program, repeat this process for each tradeline and add them together to get your total potential annual income from tradelines.

For example:

Card A: $100 x 2 x 6 = $1200

Card B: $250 x 2 x 6 = $3000

Total potential annual income = $4200

When you receive your custom quote from us, it will calculate this figure for you automatically.

Please note that this calculation reflects the maximum amount of money you could hypothetically earn each year if your tradelines are completely sold out all the time. Your actual annual income may differ from this number based on the sales volume of your tradelines.

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