Brokers and Affiliates


If you are a business professional and would like the ability to help your clients acquire tradelines or if you would like the ability to resell our tradelines, our Broker Program may be a great option for you.

Brokers are eligible to receive the following discounted pricing based on the annual volume of orders.

Broker Pricing Tradeline Discount

Once you reach a qualifying sales volume, you will receive the corresponding discount for the rest of the current year and the next calendar year. At the beginning of each calendar year, your volume resets to $0, but your discount status will carry over from the previous year.

Example: If in year 1 you qualify as a Professional, you will receive the Professional level discount (20% off) for the duration of year 1 and all of year 2. You will need to maintain at least $25,000 in sales volume in year 2 in order to receive the Professional discount again in year 3.

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    If you are interested in easily earning extra income by referring clients to us, we will pay you a referral fee for each new customer who places an order with us.

    Simply enter your information in the box below and we will contact you with instructions on how to sign up as an affiliate.

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